Learn How to Make Gold Teeth!

Learn How to Make Gold Teeth and Sell to Your Customers!

Are you interested in making gold teeth for your customers? Call today to speak with us about taking one of our amazing instructional classes. The price of the class includes the equipment you need to start making Gold Grillz and selling them to your customers.

Make an investment in the training to reap the benefits of thousands in jewelry sales from clients that embrace the hip hop lifestyle including wearing gold grills.

To inquire about joing a class, please call 404-274-3308.

Video Tutorial on How to Make Gold Teeth

Learn how to make your own gold teeth

Purchase the master collection Gold Teeth Making DVD set to learn to make Gold Teeth from home. This DVD set on how to craft gold grillz is not as comprehensive as our gold teeth class and does not include any of the necessary equipment.

Price: $999.00 + shipping and handling