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Decide on design

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Submit Order Form

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molding kit

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Final product

Custom Design Request

We accept most any design requests. If you have any special design request, please complete the order form and draw your design using the pictured template found here.


(1). Fill out the required information below.

(2.) Download custom template here and email design to  Make sure to include your name and any details for your custom design.

(3). Submit the form and one of our team members will send you an invoice

(4). Upon our receipt of your payment, we will send you the molding kit for your teeth impression.

(5). After you receive the molding kit, follow the instructions that come with the kit and send the kit back to us.

(6). Once we have received your teeth impressions (Molding Kit) your gold teeth will be made and your teeth will be shipped to you via insured delivery:

Standard Delivery
3-Day Express Services
Overnight Express



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